About Strongwater

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Here in Colorado we believe in a simple life philosophy. Enjoy life to the fullest and play as hard as you work. A backcountry dawn patrol followed by a rock climbing session in the afternoon surely deserves a cocktail on par with the day.


Based in The Rocky Mountains, our outdoor athletes and founders, a sommelier, herbalist, and chemist, combined their skills and shared passions for premium spirits and botanicals to craft the most extraordinary cocktails possible. The result is a line of bitters, shrubs, and other cocktail mixers that instantly transforms a mundane mixed drink into a botanical renaissance in a glass.


Founded on old world techniques, Strongwater recalls the tradition of Strong Water Shops, the first commercial liquor retail stores. As early as 1572 these shops brought sipping distillates to social drinking through their well-known medicinal benefits. We’ve combined traditional apothecary processes with a modern understanding of healing plants and botanicals to hand craft something truly memorable. With a couple dashes, you can create world-class cocktails.