Alpine Tonic Cocktail Syrup

After countless afternoons spent meditating on the blissful refreshment of a gin and tonic, we thought we could enhance the experience -- by making a tonic ideally calibrated to showcase the intoxicating complexity of gin. And so we forewent the overpowering quinine that comprises most tonics, favoring instead real lemongrass, lime leaf, lime zest, lemon myrtle, and quassia amara bark. Sweetened with real cane sugar and sown with a hint of sage that pays homage to our alpine roots, the mix is citrus-forward, nicely balanced between sweet and tart with an enticing hint of woodsy bitterness, and primed to play well with your favorite gin, whether that’s a juniper-forward London dry or a more fruity, floral, or herbaceous new wave style.

Suggested Use: Add 1/2 oz of our Alpine Tonic syrup to 1.5oz of your preferred Gin and  splash of sparkling water.  Serve chilled over ice.  Garnish with lemon or lime. 

Ingredients: Organic raw cane sugar, mountain spring water, lime, lemongrass, sage, bitter bark and roots, citric acid.

Pairings: Gin & Tonic, Vodka Tonic