What is so special about Strongwater Mountain Elixirs?

Here at Strongwater, we use only the best and highest quality ingredients we can find to make sure that every step of the process in making our mountain elixirs produces only the best results. This means that we take great care and give rigorous attention to sourcing everything from our base spirits and vinegars to the barks, roots, herbs, fruits, and spices we use. We support socially and environmentally responsible farms and utilize old-world style techniques across multiple disciplines to develop what we believe are the best products out there. We feel confident you will agree.



What are bitters?  History and general uses of bitters.

What are shrubs?  History and general uses of shrubs.

How can I use my bitters and shrubs in cocktails?  Cocktail and mocktail recipes. If you have any questions on specific recipes, don't hesitate to email!

What are the health benefits of the bitters and shrubs  Lengthy descriptions for each of our products.

Can you tell me more about the individual ingredients?  Dive into the Digest!

Is there a Strongwater Blog?  Yes! See what we've been up to and join the conversation.