Make it Hibiki Time

Make it Hibiki Time

This drink was inspired by one of my favorite movie lines and scenes, being a lover of Japanese whisky. The line is from the movie “Lost in Translation” and is delivered by Bill Murray’s melancholy character in which he proclaims, “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time,” while holding a Hibiki on the rocks. The easy answer was to feature the namesake whisky in the cocktail while making an ode to his character’s experience struggling through the cultural and linguistic barriers of Japan. Often times finding himself... lost in translation, so I took the old-fashioned, but twisted around the ingredients to create a classic drink that was lost in translation!

Pulling from several Japanese flavors the ocean simple syrup creates an almost Unami like profile, while the salt and brine of the nori augments the citrus and bright fruit notes of the Hibiki. What you’re left with is a refreshing and savory twist on the old-fashioned that will have you making it Suntory time to find your relaxing time.

-2 oz Hibiki Harmony or Hibiki 12 year
-2 tsps of Ocean simple syrup (1:1 syrup infused with nori and sea salt)
-3 dashes of Strongwater Vice bitters (smoked grapefruit hops)

Stir all ingredients over ice and serve in an old-fashioned glass over ice. Spritz with a flamed grapefruit peel and garnish with said peel and a nori square.


Recipe and words by The Whisky Accountant

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