Best Cocktail Kits for Your Home Bar

Best Cocktail Kits for Your Home Bar

There’s no greater time than the present to bring out your inner bartender. If you love the freedom of having the ingredients you need at your fingertips to make all your classic cocktails, then cocktail kits are what you need.

What are cocktail kits?

A great cocktail kit is conveniently packed with the premium ingredients needed for your cocktails, including creative recipes and tips for making killer cocktails. They’re great for even advanced mixologists, but truly perfect for beginners. And it's much better if you like entertaining. You can quickly mix cocktails for your guests without much muss or fuss.

Cocktail kits are also great for couples who want to plan a fun cocktail-making date night, people who want to brush up on their bartending skills, and adventurous drinkers who want to try new, innovative recipes

Pros and cons of cocktail kits

While cocktail kits are great, they might not be for everyone. Depending on what you desire in a cocktail kit, some ingredients may or may not be for you. The risk you run with cocktail kits is that while they are convenient, they can sometimes be limiting. Again, it all depends on your personal preferences and desires.

Pros of cocktail kits include:

  • Convenient
  • Premium ingredients
  • Can be versatile
  • Easily portable
  • Great for quick cocktails

Some cons may be:

  • Spirits may not be included
  • It can be limited based on the kit
  • May not offer full-sized bottles

Why you should get the Strongwater cocktail kits

When we designed our cocktail kits, we weren’t just thinking about one kind of cocktail or drink mix. We considered a variety of cocktails that can be made from the ingredients and are suited for several events and food options.

Our kits offer cocktail syrups and several bitters for you to pair with to make your desired cocktail. And, of course, only premium ingredients are offered in our kits. We have complex bitters with five different flavors, including cherry, orange, aromatic, lavender, and walnut. And, if you want to try the bitters before committing to a full-sized bottle, we have sample cocktail kits for both our herbal bitters and complex bitters.

Top 3 cocktails to make with cocktail kits

  1. Golden Old Fashioned - This classic cocktail with a twist uses the Strongwater Aromatic Golden cocktail bitters. And, you only need four other simple ingredients to mix up this classic.
  2. Sherry Baby Cocktail - No, not the song, though this one may have you singing and having a great time! Five dashes of Strongwater Creole Bitters and four additional ingredients are all you need.
  3. Equilibrium Cocktail - If you’re a gin lover, you’re going to love this cocktail. Three dashes of Strongwater Wildfire Bitters, along with 4 simple ingredients, are all that’s required.

Strongwater’s cocktail kits offer you a variety of premium bitters and syrups that you can use to make delicious cocktails. If you’re ready to up your bartending skills and try some new cocktails, shop now!


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