Top Ingredients for getting a delicious cocktail

Top Ingredients for getting a delicious cocktail

The ability to mix a truly great cocktail at the drop of a hat is the result of three factors: practice, the right components, and the proper quantities. However, the only way you can practice and use the correct measurements is by starting with the base: having the right ingredients.

Whether you enjoy hosting people randomly at home or planning a party with friends and family, if you have the right ingredients, you can be prepared to entertain at any moment.

The right cocktail formula

Let’s talk about measurements for a second. The most common formula for making cocktails is known as the 2:1:1 ratio. This means that most cocktails can be created using 2 parts alcohol, a cocktail syrup and a sour ingredient. While this may vary for more advanced cocktails, for the classic ones, you will only need three essential ingredients to get it right, and a garnish if you feel fancy.

Top ingredients/components needed for any cocktail

As mentioned before, the three main components of any cocktail are the spirits/alcohol, and two balancing elements - sweets, sours, or bitters.

  • The spirits - Of course, it’s not a cocktail without the spirits. Cocktails are spirits with some extra pizzazz to make them more attractive and flavorful. The type of spirits you use will depend on the cocktail you are making.
  • The sweets - Your sweeteners are another ingredient that will depend on the cocktail you make. There are several flavors of cocktail syrups that you can utilize to balance the alcohol in your cocktail.
  • The sours - Another base for your cocktail that balances the sweet flavor and the spirits are the sours. This is usually lemon or lime juice, but it could also be pineapple juice, or any other sour, tangy fruit juice.
  • The bitters - Similarly to how salt is used in baking, you typically can’t taste the bitter flavors in your cocktail, but it helps elevate the drink's overall flavour. Bitters help get the cocktail an extra kick by allowing the sweet, sour and tangy flavors to shine through.

Popular cocktails that require less than 5 ingredients

  • Old Fashioned - Much like the name, the Old Fashioned is a real classic cocktail, and definitely a favorite among many. Although it’s a classic cocktail, it’s really considered a sophisticated drink. The original Old Fashioned used only 3 ingredients along with a twist of orange for garnishing.
  • Liberty Nail - This simple cocktail is for those who really enjoy brown liquor, since this recipe calls for bourbon. Along with the bourbon, you’ll need Southern Comfort 100 Proof, dark brown sugar Gomme syrup, and Strong Water golden bitters. Mix all the ingredients and strain over ice into an Old Fashioned glass. Feel free to garnish with an orange twist or brandied black cherry.
  • Gin & Tonic - Another classic for gin lovers, this is a popular drink at most bars and a pretty simple one to make on your own. This 3 ingredient cocktail calls for gin, tonic syrup, and soda to taste. Combine your ingredients, stir, and garnish with a slice of lime.

Check out our cocktail recipes that are delicious and simple to make.

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