Drinks with Bitters - The List is Long!

Drinks with Bitters - The List is Long!

Drinks with bitters go so far beyond what you might first imagine. While we have come to know bitters as a bittering and flavoring element of a handful of classic cocktails, they are actually extremely versatile and can be used in so many more ways than just your Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac or Champagne Cocktail.

Classic cocktails, twists on classics, and completely new and innovative creations behind the bar are calling for bitters. While bitters have become a bit intimidating for some sitting in the bar stool, it is always a wonderful rule of thumb to remember that the classic definition of a cocktail is a spirit, bitters, water, and sugar. This concoction worked its way into our history and has seen its many interpretations and evolutions over time.

Drinks with bitters can be as simple or as complex and creative as you would like! Try dashing bitters straight into your favorite spirits and just sip. Start playing around and find out what it is that you like. 

Remember as well in your experimenting and playing that what we think of as drinks with bitters is sometimes limited to the time we live in. Bitters come from a medicinal background and were used to heal and to spruce up so many more sippers than just the occasional libation. 

With a history steeped in medicine, drinks with bitters were how one would take those botanicals that the apothecary prescribed. This could mean taking them in anything from your glass of water to your cup of tea.



When you add just a few dashes of bitters to your beverages every day, you are sure to get the digestive and medicinal benefits, as well as the beautiful flavor profiles, of the botanical blends that we offer. 

Drinks with bitters can include but are CERTAINLY not limited to the following:

- glass of flat water with a your favorite bitters

- glass of soda water (bubble water) with your favorite bitters (put that SodaStream to good use!)

- cup of morning tea (try Golden in a black tea with milk, or Tamer to spice up a green tea)

- cup of evening tea (Floral adds a beautiful bouquet to a chamomile tea and Riza and Golden are perfect in a Throat Coat or Bedtime tea)

- bitters in iced tea will give it beautiful bold flavor

- your morning cup of coffee with Amores or Golden

- try a morning detox regiment with hot water, lemon, and a few dashes of Wildfire bitters

- bitters in your glass of juice (orange juice is great with Golden)


Happy experimenting and remember to get your bitters every day to spruce up your drinks as well as to maintain a healthy digestion and to experience the many other health and botanical benefits.



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