Wildfire Spicy Bitters Officially Released!

Wildfire Spicy Bitters Officially Released!

Happy day!

The Strongwater team welcomes our newest addition to the family of bitters, the Wildfire Bitters! If you like spicy, you're going to have to add this to EVERYTHING from your bloody mary to your scrambled eggs.

We've worked with a great team to develop this bitters and are super pumped to introduce it as the best we've tasted in a lineup of competitors! The basis of the bitters doesn't just give you straight spice but the complexity of earthy and vegetal tones along with citrus and bitter notes. Get ready to meet your new obsession!


Wildfire Spicy Bitters


Make sure to check out our recipes page to find incredible cocktail recipes and other applications for this firecracker! 

Cocktail recipes include the The Spicy Paloma, The Spicy Pimm's Cup, and Jessie's favorite The Spicy Pear.

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