Team trip to Leopold Bros. Distillery

Team trip to Leopold Bros. Distillery

The Strongwater team took a break this week from the usual grind to say hello to our friends over at Leopold Bros. Distillery. We were looked after by Taryn whose extensive knowledge of the history, product line and process over at Leopold’s impressed us all.

She took the time to guide us on a private tour of their new digs and give us insight into their process from the sprouting room, fermentation area, barrel storage, distillation, bottling and of course to labeling and shipping. Her knowledge and passion continued through the whole of the tour all the way into the tasting room where we all geeked out on spirit profiles, high quality ingredients, and hints of flavor.

She even told us the histories and myths of navy strength gin and absinthe’s green fairy - all while sipping on Leopold’s 21 different products.

What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday at work!

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